Mindshift: EP – Evilution – Review

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Metal
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Mindshift 'Evilution' EP artwork (SoundCloud)

Mindshift ‘Evilution’ EP artwork (SoundCloud)

Wow. Stop right here. I’ve found a new force in heavy music. And you’re going to love it.

From Sweden, Mindshift has been around for a decade – but in the last few months, the band – Marcus Uggla, Johan Lund, Joakim Olausson, Kim Bengtsson and Eddie Siojo – has directed their energy towards a very heavy and melodic sound.

Since the release of self-funded EP No Regrets in 2012, a host of circumstances lead to Uggla becoming the new frontman for Mindshift. And boy, does he have a scream.

Their most recent release, the EP Evilution, throws growls, hard-nosed guitar, clean vocals and some beautiful acoustic into four songs.

If you want anything that will start with a bang, for now, look no further than the opening song, Farewell.  Like an athlete out of the starting blocksFarewell pulls you in with a building line of long-note guitar chords and drum beats that sound like very loud footsteps.

There’s also a noticeable influence (what I can pick up) from bands such as Trivium and In Flames.  The intro leads into a rip-roaring, energetic, yet laid back combination of screams and clean vocals. Perfect head banging music and well suited to the stage.

We flow straight into My Dark Passenger, and the lyrics are heavy and dark.  Even the “clean” vocals don’t bring down the fast guitars and constant drums.  There’s power behind the voice of Uggla, and this drives My Dark Passenger right to the end.

Into Your Hands comes out firing, and there is simple, raw energy throughout the song.   There is no stopping either; put this song into the arena atmosphere, and the venue is bound to warm up.

The final track is This Burning Hate, and while the shift away from the heavy guitars is different, at the same time, it’s also very soothing.

The acoustic guitar shows that Mindshift – while primarily focusing on metal music – can still produce a softer melody with a resounding chorus.

Now, this is just the start of Mindshift and their new direction, after their 2012 release.  I believe we’re going to not only see a lot more from the Swedish rockers, but also material with more fire, darkness and less of influence from other bands.  Mindshift are on the scene, ladies and gentlemen.

Rating: 4 Stars/5

Track Listing


My Dark Passenger

Into Your Hands

This Burning Hate


Twitter: @Mindshiftsthlm

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