Pop Evil Album Cover (Google Images)

Pop Evil Album Cover (Google Images)

Where War of Angels hit us with fast, roaring guitars and drums, Onyx has gone back to the roots of Lipstick On The Mirror to deliver a dark and melodic tempo.  And it is surprisingly good.

Pop Evil know how to deliver killer, hard music that gets you completely sucked in.  The beginning just fires away from the starting blocks like Usain Bolt, and even with the rock ballads in the middle, Onyx finishes with one hell of a bang.

From the very start with Goodbye My Friend it is clear Pop Evil have gone for the hard-nosed approached.  However, the “blacker” lyrical themes to War of Angels and the somewhat monotone rhythm threw me off a bit.  It is made up, though, by the energy of lead vocalist Leigh Kakaty, who is loud, proud and delivers a great mix of growls and screams.

Deal With The Devil is the “real” beginning for me.  The build up to the chorus is electric, and it’s fast paced with a distorted, swaying solo.

Then comes the lead single, Trenches.  It stands head and shoulders above the rest, and reminds me a lot of Last Man Standing from War of Angels.  There is an immediate stage like vibe throughout the whole song, and it is a rough, tough and gritty rock song.

A triple header of softer feel songs, Torn To Pieces, Divide and Beautiful lead into the next block of the album.  In my view, there is a very different power when Kakaty tones down his screams and brings out a cleaner, fresher melody.  Perhaps it feels like a move away from the thrashing guitars and drums, but Kakaty’s vocals are just as good, if not better than his full on rock voice.

In a way, the second half of the album is simple the first half in reverse – the slower songs followed up by another killer round of guitars.  Silence and Scars goes into Sick Sense and Far Away, before Behind Closed Doors, Welcome To Reality and Flawed close out the deal.

There is, however, something missing.  Through all the riffs and solos, does Onyx deliver an entirely new Pop Evil?  No.  What it does give the audience is a salvo of rock you can bounce around to and enjoy at a live show.  Each band has their own unique sound, and Pop Evil is no different.  In a world where rock music is viewed (for the majority) as a mash of the same sounds, Pop Evil are trying to defy that and change their tune with each new album.

Rating: 3 Stars/5

Track Listing

Goodbye My Friend

Deal With The Devil


Torn To Pieces



Silence & Scars

Sick Sense

Fly Away

Behind Closed Doors

Welcome To Reality


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