The first album in thirteen years from the thrash metal band, and lead vocalist Mike Muir the only remaining member of the original band, comparisons to older Suicidal Tendencies is a little out of the question here.

Album number nine sees a fast, rocky tempo to the album.  All the while it feels like you could get up and play air guitar all day long to the guitar solos.   There may be a lot of changing of music “genre” but overall the combination of thrashing drums, and at times some blues guitar, works quite well.

We lead off with “Shake It Out” and the guitars really unleash with a ripping, fast lick and energetic drums.  I wouldn’t call it metal – it is rock without all the screaming and shouting.

Then “Smash It” comes roaring in and the trend for this album is immediate – open with a big bang and don’t stop.  Same goes for “Smash It” and “This Ain’t A Celebration“.

God Only Knows Who I Am” is the first track with blues-like guitar.  This might seem a bit odd, but if I had to choose a band that sounded similar, it would be the Foo Fighters.

Next is my favourite song from the album – “Make Your Stand”.  It’s fast, it’s slow and it’s catchy.  Having listened to some of the previous work from ST, this is a great step as they revive and head towards the future.

Having a look at the lyrics now, like most rock songs, it’s very aggressive on topic, but it sounds REAL, unlike some of the stuff you hear on mainstream radio.

Anyway, “Who’s Afraid?” and “Show Some Love…Tear It Down” are next, and I’m a little “50-50” over these songs.  As a fan of keeping the fans engaged, I feel “13” loses a bit of mojo here.  Then we hit “Cyco Style” and “Slam City”.   I am now noticing a little hint of rap mixed with the rock and a similarity with Tool – long, winding, building guitar chords and beats to match.

Not to lose anything heading into the home straight, and “Till My Last Breath” starts a bit softer before ramping up into a punchy tone and leading in beautifully to “Live The Fight”.  Finish that up with “Life…(Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It)” and “This World”.

Rock might sometimes sound very repetitive as a music genre, but Suicidal Tendencies have moved away from the ear-splitting screams and “cut-throat” guitars and released an album that you can listen to over and over again.  Maybe even bounce your head around while you’re on the train.

3.5 Stars/5


Shake It Out

Smash It!

This Ain’t A Celebration

God Only Knows Who I Am

Make Your Stand

Who’s Afraid?

Show Some Love…Tear It Down

Cyco Style

Slam City

Till My Last Breath

Living The Fight

Life…(Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It)

This World

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