Rock veterans Sevendust are back with ‘Black Out The Sun‘, their ninth studio record.

Full, hard, and punchy rock form the backbone of the work from Sevendust.  There is, however, a much faster tempo to the whole album compared to the two albums previous, ‘Cold Day Memory‘ and Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow.’

Unleashing with a flurry of guitar riffs, thumping drum beats and the well-recognised Lajon Witherspoon combination of growls and screams, Sevendust have taken what their fans know and turned everything up a notch.  With extremely pleasing results.
The prelude of “Memory” gives us no indication of what is in store.  Move onto “Faithless” and you get the Sevendust of old.  Witherspoon starts with a bang and doesn’t let up.

The catch for me is the intertwining and changing of the melody of each song.  Lyrics capture the message of (in this case) the vocalist, and the album feels so laid back yet so full on.  And if the album title doesn’t strike your eye, or seems to outlandish,

“Till Death” and “Mountain” crank the riffs up to eleven with the perfect headbanging tunes.  Monotone is non-existent; all through Sevendust’s career Witherspoon has proven he has a voice made for rock and metal.

You may think the excitement ends there; that’s when “Cold As War” and the title track come rushing out of the blocks.  The dark vibe of  “Cold As War” is evident as the build-up towards the chorus leaves you in suspense.  “Black Out The Sun” (and the album in its entirety) sounds very dark on first impressions from looking at the song title(s), but then you take a listen and it clicks just how “real” the words are.

Head into the second half of the album, and here, after “Nobody Wants It”, “Dead Roses”, “Decay”, “Dark AM” and “Pitch Perfect” we do find one “rock ballad” among the remaining tracks.  “Got A Feeling” is a complete change from the overall rhythm of the album, and it’s perfectly tucked away before the final track “Murder Bar”.

Sevendust have made this album edgy, and have really gone full out on utilising Clint Lowery and John Connolly on guitar to create some bone-thumping tunes.

So turn up the bass, throw the windows open so your neighbours can hear it, and even pull out your guitar to shred along.

3.5 Stars/5




Till Death


Cold As War

Black Out The Sun

Nobody Wants It

Dead Roses


Dark AM

Picture Perfect

Got A Feeling

Murder Bar

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