Device Album Cover(Sourced from Google Images)

Device Album Cover
(Sourced from Google Images)

David Draiman, Andre Karkos (aka Virus), Geno Leonardo and Will Hunt formed Device last year, and the album kicks off with a 1-2-3 gut punch of guitar, electro and industrial metal.

On hiatus from Disturbed, frontman Draiman (known for his unique vocal style and growls) began to work with Geno Leonardo on lyrics and songwriting in 2012.  There’s something about this hooking self-titled album, and Draiman, Virus, Leonardo and Hunt give fans something to savour.

Admittedly, a lot of expectations have been drawn from Disturbed.  But this is Device, and while the signature growls and deep vocals do show through at times (and well too, I might add), Draiman has moved into a new “shell”.

“You Think You Know” is first cab off the rank, and with it comes a sound reminiscent of Disturbed, but at the same time incredibly different.  A darker melody and heavy, neck-raising drum riffs follow through to “Penance” and “Vilify”.  While some Disturbed fans may be crying out that the similarity between bands is quite obvious, the fast, shredding guitar riffs are instead replaced by a slower, distorted electric twang.

Lizzie Hale of Halestorm joins for “Close My Eyes Forever” (a duet originally performed by Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne).  Compared to the rest of the album and the tempo is a change, however, it does not take away from the overall “industrial metal” feel of the album.

“Out Of Line” and “Opinion” hit hard with lyrics that unleash on those who decide to be “one of those” who enjoys to live on the edge and believe having the superior voice is the way to go.  While the lyrics sound quite attacking and aggressive, the real-life relation to different situations is astonishingly accurate.

In “Hunted” the words hark back to “The Animal” off the Disturbed album Asylum.  

“War Of Lies”, “Haze” and “Through It All” really turn up the volume on “build-ups” from each verse into one big burst for the bridge and chorus, giving the album a big bang to finish.

The element of electronic music in the modern music industry is often associate with dubstep music, but Device has moved away from that, blending classic metal guitar and electronic sounds into modern industrial metal.

What Draiman and his cohorts have done is not re-create Disturbed; several times Draiman has stated Disturbed will re-unite “when the time comes”.  Instead, what we get is a tough, thumping album that is beautifully lead by Draiman’s vocal set.

4 Stars/5


You Think You Know



Close My Eyes Forever

Out of Line



War of Lies


Through It All

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